I Did Not Understand My Neurosurgeon

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When to Use a Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgery is exactly that: brain surgery (although it’s not quite rocket science).

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Spinal Damage

Spinal damage is one of those things that we hope won’t happen; nevertheless, it’s something that can happen and may even be happening right now.

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Happy New Year from James Makker

Hey everyone. James Makker here, wishing everyone in Portland a safe and happy New Year. Enjoy the ride!

About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a serious neurological condition that most people don’t really fully understand.

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Portland Neurosurgeon, James Makker MD

A lot of diseases concerning the brain are incurable but most of them can be managed or treated so that an individual can lead a normal and healthy life. This is what any Portland neurosurgeon like James Makker MD is aiming for every time he goes on hospital duty. It is certainly a cause of joy for every Portland neurosurgeon to witness slight improvements and positive changes a patient experiences day by day until he has fully recovered from his illness and is therefore more than ready to battle against other challenges that life has to offer.

The brain is so important that life isn’t possible without it. A fairly injured one may have a great impact in an individual’s life that he may not be able to appreciate life’s little pleasures because of this. Frequent visits to a Portland neurosurgeon would certainly pay off. One reputable name in this area of specialization is James Makker MD. With his reliable clinical eye, a lot of patients have been relieved of their burdens.

Each individual is unique and so it is not in any way surprising that most of them have different clinical manifestations although one etiology causes this! It is worth mentioning that only with an appropriate and definitive diagnosis of one Portland neurosurgeon can a case be handled in a way that would ultimately lead to the wellness of a patient. James Makker MD is just one person but it’s a sure thing that like any other Portland neurosurgeon, a lot of lives have been changed for the better because of him!

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is something that we’re hearing more about these days. The newest Twilight movie apparently is giving people with epilepsy a greater risk for seizures when viewing. This will work out like all news stories do – it’ll receive a million comments from people who want to feel important and then it’ll pass into nothing. But it doesn’t really address the question of what epilepsy is.

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Why the Brain is Important

Did you know that when the world was younger and men were just beginning to experiment with surgery, they thought the brain was useless? It’s true: as far back as ancient Egypt, the brain was considered to be a useless organ. Thought and emotion were considered to be the domains of the heart. When preservation was being done, they would actually remove the brain and just throw it away.

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Neurosurgery: Improving Lives Every Day

For countless thousands of individuals across the country, neurosurgery has been a lifesaving and life improving medical procedure. With the latest in technological advances and knowledge in the field of neurosurgery, neurosurgeons are helping improve the quality of life experienced by those afflicted by neurological conditions each and every day. Continue reading →

What the Brain Does

The brain is the center of all activity that goes on in the body. Yes, it is the place where conscious thought happens. But the brain is also the center of the nervous system, which means that it’s responsible for regulating a great deal more than just what you’re thinking about.

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